Stacking For Size & Strength

You want to get bigger and stronger. Every day, you clean your plate and put in the heavy lifting at your gym. So maybe you need to back off a little. That's right. Too much time in the gym can burn too many calories, which is counterproductive to your goals. Limit your weight training to 3 or 4 times a week for no longer than an hour each session, focusing on compound movements instead of isolation exercises.

Now about that meal plan. Divide your typical 3 squares a day into 5 or 6 meals to keep your metabolism primed for gains. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and add a Creatine supplement post-workout. That'll help keep your muscles full and assist with recovery while building strength and endurance. To add serious calories from quality proteins and carbs, mix up a shake with a gainer formula like Serious Mass. It's got everything you need to build on your gains in the gym. Then, about an hour before bed, take a dose of ON's ZMA the only patented blend supported by scientific research. In addition to supporting your size and strength goals, ZMA can help you enjoy more restful sleep.

The Bigger Picture: Building a powerful and muscular physique is one part diet and supplementation, one part training and one part perseverance. Keep eating, stay dedicated to your schedule of lifting and you'll see improvements. Just remember the progressive part of 'progressive resistance.' Huge gains don't happen overnight. Patience is another part of the equation.

Stacking Schedule
Breakfast: Whole Food Meal
Mid-Morning: ON Serious Mass
Lunch: Whole Food Meal
Pre-Workout: ON Serious Mass
Post-Workout: ON Creatine Powder
Dinner: Whole Food Meal
Before Bed: ON ZMA
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Sep 05, 2008
I workout in the mornings. what should my stcking schedule be?
Jitesh Kohli
Sep 08, 2008
This seems really wonderful. But guide me how can I get this product. I mean "Serious Mass" and "ZMA"
Sep 23, 2008
@Jitesh Kohli
Serious Mass and ZMA are Optimum Nutrition products. I believe you may be able to order them directly from their site (which you are already on) or from various websites across the web.
Oct 05, 2011
Hey, that's peworufl. Thanks for the news.