The High-Protein Breakfast Edge

Very recently, a study recommended eggs for breakfast for those who want to lose weight. Now new research from Purdue University backs those findings with a broader protein perspective. The lead author put it this way, "There is a growing body of research which supports eating high-quality protein foods when dieting to maintain a sense of fullness."

The Purdue study had one group of overweight or obese men eat a calorie-restricted diet with a typical range of 11% to 14% of those calories coming from protein. Another group consumed the same calories, but with an increased percentage (15% to 25%) coming from proteins. The protein was spaced out evenly across each day's meals. That's how researchers determined that the breakfast protein had the greatest effect on satiety.

The Bigger Picture: What can a high-protein breakfast do for you? In addition to keeping you feeling full and satisfied, the protein will keep your muscles primed for growth. Kicking that anabolic and anti-catablic support into gear first thing in the morning gives you a terrific edge for achieving lean mass gains. Helping to keep fat in check is an added bonus.
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Sep 05, 2008
Easy/Fast egg breakfast: Whip 1 egg and 1 tsp. milk. Nuke (microwave) for 60 sec. Want 2 eggs? Just double milk and time in micro and there ya go. Scrambled eggs! Beats an english muffin.
Sep 18, 2008
Thanks for the tip Will!
Sep 21, 2008
i add chopped up jalepeno peppers and low fat cheese to mine in the morning
Sep 23, 2008
I just eat raw eggs for breakfast. Lower bioavailability, but much easier to prepare, plus you get lots of great nutrients that you lose in the cooking process. Getting organic/cage-free reduces the risk of salmonella (an already small risk).