Good News: Your Diet Works

Here's some good news about high protein / low carbohydrate, calorie counting points system, low fat / low sugar and meal replacement shake diets: They actually work. Not only that, but the researchers who published this analysis in the Nutrition Journal have determined that they pose little to no health threat to dieters. About the only bad news was the fact that most study participants didn't consume anywhere near the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

The Bigger Picture: After eight weeks, the 293 British dieters tracked in this research lost between 8.8 pounds (low fat and sugar) and 11.4 pounds (high protein / low carb). Not bad, but adding an exercise component to food restrictions could enhance these results, along with overall health. Exercise also gives you one more reason to eat your fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates from these foods particularly when consumed within 2 hours of training replenish the glycogen your muscles burn for fuel during an intense workout.
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