Make The Right Call On Recovery

The vast majority of workout recovery occurs while you're sleeping. That's when your muscles rebuild what was broken down during resistance training earlier in the day. Making the most of this recovery is a two-part effort involving nutrition and sleep quality. Drinking a slowly-digesting casein protein shake about an hour before hitting the sack can help you optimize the nutrition part, provided you've been eating clean during your other meals.

As for sleep, new research from Detroit's Wayne State University suggests that avoiding nighttime cell phone calls can promote deeper, more sound slumber. As the theory goes, low-level cell phone radiation disrupts production of sleep-inducing melatonin, and may even stimulate other areas of your brain. The combined effects can leave you staring at the ceiling waiting for the sandman.

The Bigger Picture: In addition to switching off the cell, keys to quality Z-time include maintaining a dark and cool sleep environment, turning the face of your alarm clock so you can't read the display at night, and avoiding stressful or taxing pursuits in the hours leading up to bedtime. Give these tips a try, sleep more restfully and realize greater gains.
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Sep 17, 2008
Interesting theory about the low frequency from cell phones that disrupts sleep behavior and the production of sleep. I will try turning off my cell phone, and try this out. THanks