Eating Your Way To Weight Loss

There's a school of thought that holds it isn't necessarily the quantity of food you eat, but the quality that matters. Like any other, this theory has limitations. But many doctors and dietitians believe that switching to a Greek style of eating can promote loss of body fat while enhancing quality of life.

You'll have to make some tradeoffs to eat this way. Like avoiding potatoes, sugary foods and refined grain products (flour, bread, pasta) while increasing your consumption of non-starchy vegetables (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes), cherry and berry-type fruits, nuts, herbs and spices. Instead of fast food, get your fats from cold water fish like salmon and trout, and nuts including walnuts and almonds.

The Bigger Picture: In technical terms, the Mediterranean diet outlined above restricts high-glycemic carbohydrates, processed foods and saturated fats. It's really that simple. Choosing the good over the bad can help you control blood sugar, insulin levels and stress hormones. That's good for your waistline as well as your overall health.
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Mohamed Seif
Sep 23, 2008
Chris Hayhurst
Sep 26, 2008
Sounds like the "Greenface" diet: mostly eat salads, chicken, tuna and salmon