Finger Strength Training Methods

Pulling your body up a sheer vertical rock face requires incredible finger strength as well as coordination. So does gripping a bar weighed down with massive weight. Is there a way to train for this? Researchers writing in the October edition of Motor Control examined 3 different finger training protocols: all fingers together, individual fingers without restricting other finger movement, and individual fingers with restricted movement. While all protocols improved finger force control and strength, only the all-finger training approach produced greater movement stabilizing multifinger coordination.

The Bigger Picture: Another training technique, and one that's very sport specific, would be to train finger strength through regular rock climbing. If you've never tried this activity, it's a demanding whole body workout. So start with the easy walls at a gym, ask for expert advice and gradually work your way up to a bigger outdoor challenge. You're likely to find that the reasons for climbing a mountain extend well beyond 'because it's there.'
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