Burning 'Em In Like The Pros

With the playoffs now in full swing, you might catch yourself wondering how pitchers manage to throw upwards of 90 MPH with pinpoint accuracy inning after inning. A University of Hawaii study revealed that overhand throwing velocity was 47% stride and body rotation, 53% arm action. Based on that, scientists recommended a program of arm, core and lower body exercises to improve pitching speed.

Taking pitching speed training a step further, a separate study determined that ballistic resistance training, simulating the action on the mound, improved both velocity and body movement patterns. Working in some plyometric type training was also recommended for developing functional strength and speed of movement.

The Bigger Picture: The take home message here is the importance of form and exercise variety. Like the baseball pitcher, if you maintain proper form, you're much more likely to maximize performance and much less likely to end up getting hurt. Working a broad range of training protocols into your weekly workouts will also help you more fully develop as an athlete.
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