Tuned In To Cardio Endurance

If you find it impossible to do treadmill or outside road work without a musical backbeat, research recently published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology can help you maximize its effectiveness. Scientists found that when subjects kept their peddling or pace in time to the beat of popular pop and rock selections, they increased endurance by as much as 15% while gaining greater pleasure from the effort. In fact, even when they exercised with intensity, keeping time to the right music left them with a much more positive outlook.

The Bigger Picture: If you're looking for a new motivational tool to take your workout to the next level, the answer might be a couple of downloads away. After you're finished training, don't let your heightened mood distract you from the importance of recovery. An optimal 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein can help your body replenish the glycogen burned for energy while supporting muscle recovery. The right nutrition, and a great selection of hard-hitting tunes, will have you ready for your next mission in the gym. Check out what our athletes are listening to, and download those same tracks, by clicking here. Then select any athlete.
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