Try Chocolate Banana Oats & Whey

Got a blender, but not much time? Here's a quick and easy shake recipe with fruit, fiber, whole grain oats, quality proteins all essentials of a nutritious breakfast. Pour 8 ounces of cold water into your blender followed by one scoop of Natural 100% Oats & Whey. Use the milk chocolate flavor. Blend on medium speed for a few seconds before breaking up a large (8 to 9 inch) banana and tossing the chunks in. Cover and blend on high speed for about 10 seconds, dialing down to medium and then slow for ten seconds each. Mixing in a few ice cubes will cool this concoction down while enhancing the consistency.

The Bigger Picture: Adding a banana to this terrific new natural shake provides an incredible variety of vitamins (A, B, C & K) and essential minerals including 487 mg of potassium. You're also increasing your fiber intake by 3.5 grams. You might also want to give it a post-workout tryout. Substituting the Vanilla Bean flavor provides the same nutrients in a banana cream flavor!

Shake Nutritionals:
Calories: 321
Protein: 25.5 Grams
Carbohydrates: 54 Grams
Fiber: 7.5 Grams
Fat: 2 Grams
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Oct 06, 2011
I am forever indetebd to you for this information.