Down 'n Dirty Supplementing

You take fish oil to make sure your body gets enough omega-3 cardiovascular support. Whether you're a vegetarian or a strength athlete, you also recognize the protein quality of soy. Now a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives gives you another good reason to supplement with fish oil and soy. They may offer some protection against the effects of air pollution.

Scientists recruited 52 elderly nursing home residents in a city plagued with smoggy air. The air quality in their rooms was high in particulate matter. Blood analysis showed that oral supplementation with fish oils and soy decreased the level of oxidative damage to blood cells, with fish oil working slightly better than soy.

The Bigger Picture: Living and exercising in a dense, urban environment presents perils as well as rewards. While this new research offers some promising positive side benefits to fish oil and soy supplementation, doing outdoor cardio conditioning in a park away from bus and car exhaust is strongly recommended. And when the air quality is especially bad, keep your exercising indoors.
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