6-Pack Abs Without Back Pain

It doesn't matter all that much if you bend your knees while doing sit ups or keep them straight. The movement works your hip flexor muscles. Not only do they take effort away from your abdominals the point of the whole exercise but the hip flexors can put excessive stress on your spine. Consider the Janda sit up technique, where you bend your knees and have a spotter support your calves holding your feet off the floor. Applying pressure to your spotter's hands, you'll be doing more of a curl up motion than a sit up. But what's it matter if you're developing 6-pack abs free of back trouble?

The Bigger Picture: According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, doing Janda sit ups causes contraction of your hams and glutes, which effectively inhibits the action of your hip flexor muscles. This helps to prevent lower back strain and places more emphasis on your target muscle group. Give this exercise a try to see if it takes stress off your back while firming up those abs.
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Oct 23, 2008
Oct 23, 2008
Dickson Tharakan ( Mumbai)
Oct 26, 2008
Sounds Good
abo almeez
Oct 27, 2008
Nov 06, 2008
Can you show pictures so we can see exactly what you are talking about?
Nov 10, 2008
it really works