Lose More By Lowering Carbs

What's the best diet for losing weight? That's a question authors of best-selling books and medical professionals have been struggling with for years. A recent survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that low-carb and Mediterranean style diets helped people lose more weight over a 2-year period that a low-fat menu planning approach.

On average, low-carb consuming subjects lost 12 pounds while those opting for a Mediterranean diet focused on fish and nuts lost 10 pounds. The low-fat dieters lost just over 7 pounds. The low-carb approach involved eating a higher percentage of proteins, and this group also realized the biggest improvements in HDL cholesterol levels.

The Bigger Picture: Although the weight loss differences between these groups of dieters weren't that dramatic, a little adds up year after year. It's also important to note this study's absence of an exercise program. Adding a regular workout routine to any diet plan can improve overall health while playing a very supportive role in weight loss especially the issue of regaining lost weight.

What Can You Do Today?
Plan Out Low-Carb / High-Protein Meals
Make A Point Of Exercising Regularly
Keep An Eating & Training Journal
Track Your Progress Over The First 6 Weeks
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Nov 02, 2008
I am 45 years old and I just started training with my trainer, it's been 1 month, we train 3 days a week. I don't see much weight loss but I do see that I have more muscle. I eat healthy too. I decided to use your whey protien 100% after every training. on the off days I do cardio for 1 hr, so I workout 7 days a week. I feel maybe I should eat more protiens and only carbs that come from vegetables. I think I am going to try to stay away from potatoes,white rice and compex carbs so i can actually lose fat. is this a good idea?
also Is it ok to drink the protien only after workouts with my trainer?

Nov 06, 2008
suz -> staying away from complex carbs is not a good idea. research more on this subject on internet.
taking protein after your workouts is the best way to recover and build muscle. you can take protein as your 1st meal in the morning, on non-training days.