Really Working At Weight Loss

You've cut calories and put the emphasis on protein in your diet. You're taking CLA Softgels. And you're exercising at least three times a week. What else can you do to lose weight? Research published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests that increasing your level of exercise during weight loss may play an important role in preventing weight regain.

Although the study used older obese women, you can easily see how the results could apply to anyone. During the 20-week weight loss intervention, calories were reduced by more than 11,000 per week and half the women trained on a treadmill. The others didn't exercise. A year later, scientists found a strong correlation between weight regain and lack of energy expenditure.

The Bigger Picture: It sure isn't easy to keep working out day after day, but there are ways to make the task more interesting. When the weather's nice, take your treadmill or stationary bike work outdoors. Try lap swimming in the pool during summer months and cross-country skiing when it snows. Strength conditioning can be accomplished with weights, calisthenics, plyometrics, even rock climbing. Keep changing your training protocols to keep it interesting. That's how to keep at it long-term.

What Can You Do Today?
Weight Train 3 Days A Week
With Cardio Days In Between
Try New Physical Challenges
Keep Gradually Increasing
Your Weight And/Or Reps
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