Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein

Strength and endurance athletes use fast-acting proteins like whey pre- and post-workout because it absorbs quickly to provide anabolic support for muscles. Knowledgeable bodybuilders and strength athletes have been taking this a step further, augmenting their fast-acting protein with slowly-digesting casein to help muscles more completely recover from heavy lifting. Since the majority of training recovery occurs when you're asleep, sustained release casein is ideal right before bed. And because casein gels in the stomach's acid environment, it gives you a 'full' feeling. So casein also makes a great between-meals meal.

From the beginning, Optimum Nutrition has been leading the industry in casein quality, consistency and selection. There are four flavors of our popular Gold Standard 100% Casein, and now two rich creamy flavors of our new Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein. As the name tells you, it's free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and synthetic colors.

The Bigger Picture: With 24 grams of slowly digesting micellar casein per serving, 9.6 grams of muscle-building BCAAs plus Aminogen digestive enzymes for enhanced utilization, and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or synthetic colors,
Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein is a natural choice for between meals and throughout-the-night protein support. Try it on for size in a 2 or 4 pound container.
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Ryan S
Nov 08, 2008
The Casien Protein in chocolate supreme tastes great with milk.