10 Rules To Eat By

The latest edition of the NSCA's Performance Training Journal includes 10 simple things for active people to remember about optimal nutrition. They're worth repeating here, especially since optimal nutrition is The Bigger Picture.

1) Come Back To Earth. Choose natural whole foods, or the least processed form. This is especially important for carbohydrates.

2) Eat The Rainbow. To make sure you get a variety of vitamins and minerals, include a rainbow of whole food colors.

3) Get A Leg Up On Protein. Fish, turkey and chicken are among the best sources of protein. Better than pork and beef. So the fewer legs (none or two), the better.

4) Get Something Back From Fats. Between 15% and 25% of your total calories should come from fats. Make them the healthy essential fats from nuts, seeds, oils and fish.

5) Go 3 For 3. Keep your body consistently fueled throughout the day by consuming all 3 primary nutrients (fats, carbs and protein) every 3 hours.

6) Never Skip Breakfast. Your first meal jumpstarts the metabolism and helps control what you eat the rest of the day.

7) Stay Hydrated. Since dehydration saps performance, athletes should try to consume to 1 ounce of fluid for every pound of body weight per day.

8) Make Every Workout Count. Don't skip or delay post-workout nutrition. Fast-absorbing proteins within 30 minutes of finishing are crucial to your muscle size and strength goals.

9) Supplement Smart. Do some homework on the supplements you take. Know exactly what you're using and how to time its use.

10) Stop Eating Out. In addition to the oversize portions, restaurant food is typically higher in fat and calories. Take control of your intake by making good use of your kitchen.
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Nov 06, 2008
these are good hints but can i go through a protein diet like 4 a month to reduce fat
Tiffany Upshaw
Nov 06, 2008
Love this article!
Nov 08, 2008
Its so true!! and i can proudly say that i follow all tre rules!! nutrition is 80percent of your success!!
Nov 16, 2008
not cool
Dec 05, 2008
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