Dairy, Calcium & Weight Loss

Numerous studies point to a strong correlation between high calcium/dairy intake and weight loss. But it's hard to imagine that drinking milk and eating cheese can reduce your waistline. Think about it this way: Most Americans don't consume anywhere near the recommended daily amount of calcium. Coincidentally, low calcium/dairy intake is an excellent predictor or excess body fat.

Here's more food for thought. Eating dairy type foods during a calorie-restricted diet effectively preserves muscle mass. And taking calcium supplements helps improve blood fat profiles while decreasing deposits of abdominal fat. Increasing calcium intake also promotes the death of fat cells.

The Bigger Picture: Now instead of sitting down to a tall glass of whole milk and a thick wedge of cheddar cheese, mix up your favorite flavor of 100% Whey Gold Standard. Making this substitution dramatically cuts fat, cholesterol and lactose while providing plenty of muscle-building protein along with 10% of your daily recommended calcium.

Health & Weight Loss Tips
Dairy & Calcium Intake Helps Promote Weight Loss
Consider The Fat & Calorie Content Of Dairy Foods
Make Sensible Substitutes Whenever Possible
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