Vitamin D, Calcium & Protein

Young female athletes are typically more at risk for stress fractures than their male counterparts. But a recent study of U.S. Navy Recruits suggests that they can reduce that risk by as much as 25% through vitamin D and calcium supplementation. Protein intake is also important, because it plays a major role in muscle and bone metabolism.

Stress fractures occur when your muscles get tired and can't continue to absorb the shock of training. The added shock to bones can end up causing tiny, painful cracks. Obviously, athletes are most at risk when dramatically increasing the volume of their training.

The Bigger Picture: In addition to supplementing with additional calcium, vitamin D and protein, it's recommended that female athletes engage in cross training. If you're a runner, lift some weights. If you're a strength athlete, do some cardio. The variety of exercise helps strengthen ligaments, muscles and overall fitness.
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Nov 09, 2011
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