Not Just Big, But Vassive

The Vassive bodybuilder isn't just big. Oh, he's massive alright. But also vascular. He trains hard and lifts heavy. The supplement stack he uses says it all. Vassive-N.O. 30 minutes before working out for energy, focus and pumps. During every session in the gym, he's priming muscles with essential amino acids and keeping himself hydrated by sipping Vassive-EA8. Afterwards, Vassive-C5 goes to work as the most advanced creatine system known to man. Four novel creatine compounds in all including patent-pending Cre-Energy. And to keep his Vassiveness going strong all day long, he uses Vassive N.O. Formula-X with 10 pump-potentiating ingredients in sustained release tablets.

The Bigger Picture: A stack can be several supplements mixed together or a series of separate supplements taken at specific times during the day. ON's Vassive stack, when used on training days as described above, can provide a synergistic overall effect enhancing the individual properties of each separate formula. Give it a try for a few weeks to see what degree of Vassiveness you experience inside and outside the gym.
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