Morning Or Evening Workouts?

Your development into a morning or an evening person occurs during adolescence and early adulthood. This predisposition toward favoring either time frame is a biological as well as social phenomenon. Now what happens when a morning person only has time for evening workouts, or vice versa?

As it turns out, NSCA scientists were also curious. So they examined the performance of 8 male and 8 female college-level rowers who engaged in almost daily early morning and late afternoon training. First, these students were classified into types: morning, evening or neutral. While the night crawlers rowed no better during morning or evening sessions, the early risers rowed significantly faster in the morning. Researchers theorized that the absence of an evening performance boost among those predisposed to favor late afternoon training was negated by regularly scheduled morning training.

The Bigger Picture: This study suggests that if you can't get to the gym at the time of day you'd prefer, you can force your body clock to adapt by establishing a regular time for training. It also shows that you can get more out of your workout if you're able to train when you're mentally and physically on top of your game. Whatever position you find yourself in, this science provides a roadmap for making it work to your advantage.
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richard prempeh
Nov 25, 2008
i want to become a bodybultder
Syed Zaki Ahmed
Dec 09, 2008
Trying to get my self adapt to morning workouts at the moment...
mukesh virendra gupta
Feb 27, 2009
workout early or late. but stepping ur feet in the gym is very important.