Caffeine & Glucose Steps Up Speed

If you're getting ready to compete in a 5K or 10K Turkey Trot this weekend or just want to add some zip to your cardio workout try drinking a glucose and caffeine supplement about 30 minutes beforehand. Research published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise reported that trained cyclists increased their time trial speed by almost 5% over a carb-supplementing group and 9% over non-supplementing cyclists. The time trail encompassed 45 minutes and was preceded by a 105-minute steady pace workout at 62% of capacity.

The Bigger Picture: With 40 active ingredients including 7 grams of glucose polymers and 125 mg of caffeine, Vassive-N.O.'s potential as the Ultimate Pre-Workout Performance Tool extends well beyond weight training. As this research suggests, it can help you post better time trails while speeding up your cardio pace. Check it out. There's a whole lot more to this powerful Strength & Recovery supplement.
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