Missed the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, MD, Ironman, or Oxygen? No biggie. Now you can learn all about our newest products (as well as the benefits of industry leaders like ON 100% Whey Gold Standard) by viewing our print advertisements online:
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Matt Mclean
Jun 08, 2007
Man, I really like these new ads. They do motivate you to bust your butt in the gym to get those awsome results in the ads. I like the chest ad and how you cant put it up to your chest.
Bryan Paz
Jun 08, 2007
I have had many readers ask me since they know im part of the team where do they get the photos for the mags? Then they all put it up to the matching body part on them and say this is want i want! I look and comment. I then refer them to our catalog for the product line. ?The funny thing is when they think im not looking they search our catolog to find the person who has the matching leg,forearm,and chest that appears in the mag!