Give Us A 'D' For Defense

Getting enough Vitamin D through diet can be challenging. This isn't so much of an issue during the sunny summer months, because your skin synthesizes Vitamin D through ultraviolet radiation. But during winter in the northern latitudes, you're limited to cold water fish, dairy products, fortified foods and supplements.

The current recommended daily intake of Vitamin D is 200 IU for those under 50 years of age, 400 IU for people between the ages of 51 and 70, and 600 IU for those aged 71 and older. However, University of California at Riverside researchers petitioned the government to raise the recommendation to 2000 IU for all adults.

The Bigger Picture: These scientists based their recommendation on a number of studies which suggest that Vitamin D plays a crucial role in protecting the body against a growing number of adverse health issues. It's been said that taking in vitamins and minerals through supplements can be thought of as 'nutritional insurance.' With ON's selection of vitamins and minerals, the price per day is as easy to swallow as the capsules and tablets themselves.
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Nov 09, 2011
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