The Night & Day Protein Stack

You know that a fast-acting protein like Gold Standard 100% Whey is ideal right before and after working out. Since it's rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and fortified with Aminogen digestive enzymes, your body can quickly take full advantage of the muscle-building properties of whey. But when it comes to putting on lean mass, fast isn't the only answer.

There are times when a slowly-digesting protein like Gold Standard 100% Casein makes a better choice. Between meals, casein keeps you feeling full longer because of they way it gels in the acidic environment of the stomach. An even better use for casein comes right before bed. Your muscles do the majority of their recovery and rebuilding while you're asleep, and casein's extended time release and anti-catabolic qualities can make a world of difference during this crucial timeframe.

The Bigger Picture: ON is always looking for ways to provide you with more value and convenience. We developed the Gold Standard 24 Pak to provide 24 grams of either fast whey protein or slower casein protein whenever you need them, 24 hours a day. Try stacking these two premium quality proteins at the optimal times and see how it improves your physique. If you work hard enough in the gym, dial in your diet of whole foods and stick with a sound supplementing strategy, it could end up being a difference of night and day.
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