Dairy Energizes Fat Oxidation

If you're watching what you eat in an effort to take your belt in a notch or two, keep your eye on dairy products. A recent study printed in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism tracked the dairy consumption of 338 men and women for 9 months. Those consuming the recommended 3 servings a day of dairy products oxidized more fat than those consuming less than one daily serving of dairy. And despite the fact that their intake amounted to more calories, weight management was similar between the two groups.

The Bigger Picture: Since dieting has the potential to reduce muscle mass and bone density, it's important to help protect muscle and bone health with the protein and calcium that dairy products are naturally rich in. Those concerned about the saturated fat and cholesterol present in such foods can try substituting a serving of Gold Standard 100% Casein. Each great-tasting dairy-based shake provides 24 grams of slowly digesting protein along with 50% of your recommended daily requirement for calcium. It's also low in fat, sugar, lactose and cholesterol.
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