Muscling In On Stress

Ever noticed that you handle the demands of the workplace better than some of your out-of-shape peers? Research published in the American Journal of Hypertension investigated how people who make an effort to build lean muscle mass recover more easily from mentally stressful situations. Because muscular people are in great physical condition, their metabolism is better equipped to rid the body of sodium. That's how fit folks like you can get blood pressure elevated from stress back to normal faster than couch potatoes.

The Bigger Picture: This study suggests that, in addition to making you look and feel so much better, staying in shape plays a role in keeping you on top of your game in the office. So if you could use another incentive for setting bigger goals in the gym, let this study serve as a motivational kick the next time your boss loads you down with short-deadline projects.
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camilo rodriguez
Dec 17, 2008
It is sad but is real you have to have a good body and be in shape for people to look at you with respect