Support For Holiday Temptations

The holiday season is officially upon us along with all the usual temptations. This is when friends and family members conspire to keep you away from the gym by arranging festive get togethers where heaping plates of sugary treats are always within easy reach. Go ahead! What's another handful of chocolate?

That weak, blubbery image in your head was only a vision brought to you by the Ghost of Christmases to come. You have the power (ie: willpower) to change your physique. Like-minded athletes including IFBB pros George Farah, Chuck Sanow, and Jessica Paxon-Putnam as well as Mr. Natural Olympia John Hansen are ready to help. You'll find them all at

Unlike other educational institutions, The Fitness Blog of Higher Learning does not close for the holidays…or anytime, for that matter. You can be schooled in fitness 24/7, whenever you want. So pull up a chair, log on and visit the dorm rooms of students who will be happy to motivate you to stay fit and lean.

Got a fitness question that only someone who shares your dedication to resistance training would understand? Ripped Academy is the place to post it. You'll receive comments, helpful hints, who knows? Your post might even begin the next big thread that everyone has to get in on. Whether your goal is to drop 15 lbs or snag an IFBB Pro Card, log on and share at

You'll appreciate this powerful forum's user-friendly navigation, which is built like a virtual campus filled with students who are all majoring in fitness. Like ON Athlete Kristen Dodd says, "I love the Ripped Academy site and how it has become a growing fitness family. Many of us have similar goals and interests and share how we achieve them."

After enrolling as a student, take some time to personalize your dorm room with progress charts, contest photos, lists of favorite supplements, and downloadable selections of the music that rocks your workout. Stay up-to-date by reading recent posts on "The Forum." The site is monitored by the ever present Dean Wormer who gives merits for good questions and respectful answers. There's no room for towel-snapping bullies in this haze-free zone.

The RA "Students Blogs" give you another format for expressing yourself about training, dieting and competing. Comments and feedback are encouraged, and you can mark any blog as a favorite if you find it especially helpful or motivating. Now before your body shape starts resembling Santa, sneak out of that holiday party and find a computer. Then get busy in the gym.
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