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At ON's newest Web Site, you can learn about each of the 75+ ingredients that go into our Opti-Men Nutrient Optimization System. You'll quickly discover that it's so much more than a multi, and breaking your options down by each of the 5 performance blends makes the informative online experience that much easier to digest. Who thought it could get any easier than taking 3 small tablets a day with meals?

The Bigger Picture: There's no reason to gobble down handfuls of pills from baggies or packs. Not with ON's Opti-Men system of Amino, Viri, Phyto, Enzy and Opti Blends. Of course, we've also created a separate solution formulated just for women. Click this link to see how Opti-Women fits into your
active lifestyle.
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Jan 08, 2009
one of the most complete muti-vitamin& mineral supplements!!
it rocks!