Fat Facts On Sleep Cycles

You've probably seen stories in the health media about how not getting enough sleep, or getting way too much, can affect your body weight. A study just published in the journal Endocrinology puts a chicken or the egg spin on those findings.

In this new research, the sleep patterns of lab mice were disrupted by a high-fat diet, and also by fasting. The signaling pathways responsible for controlling the circadian clock that regulates the sleep/awake cycle advanced during day-long fasting and were delayed when the mice fed on fat. Also, levels of a protein involved with fatty acid metabolism increased while fasting and decreased during the fat-feasting stage.

The Bigger Picture: Knowing that consuming a high-fat diet will promote the storage of body fat is one thing. You can always work it off in the gym, right? When a study suggests that eating like this can adversely affect your energy levels and ability to recover from training due to lost sleep, you have another incentive for dialing in leaner diet choices.
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