Stay Strong & Live Long

If you're big into working out, regularly performing both resistance and cardio exercise, the benefits may extend well beyond an esthetic physique. Scientists from several prominent universities followed a group of 8,762 men aged 20 - 80 for 19 years. What they discovered was a very solid correlation between muscular strength and long life.

Men who exhibited the highest levels of physical strength reduced their risk of death from common afflictions by 23% to 32%, as compared to men with low levels of strength. These men didn't have to be Superman-like to realize health benefits. Even the ones with average strength enjoyed a 26% to 28% reduced risk.

The Bigger Picture: Because resistance and endurance training relaxes blood vessels, boost metabolism and helps older individuals maintain muscle mass, it's not surprising that those who committed to regular exercise enjoyed healthy rewards. Starting later in life is better than never working out at all. Just make sure your doctor approves of the fitness program you plan to begin.
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