Controlling Cravings

How do you control cravings? This is considered a million dollar question! Unfortunately, there’s not one quick answer, since the source of a craving is sometimes far more complex than just plain greed. Due to the potential complexity, this article will not go through each and every possible solution, but will provide the reader with a short summary of actions that can be taken to trick the brain into believing the craving has been satisfied.

Cravings can be a result of stress, fatigue, boredom, premenstrual syndrome, bad habits, strict dieting or some underlying medical condition.

When WILL POWER just won’t get you through a craving episode try the following:

First follow the two obvious daily general rules:

A. Eat a well balanced diet of small meals frequently throughout the day. Meals should not include processed or refined sugars and should be accompanied with a glass of water. Avoid high glycemic index foods that will spike your insulin levels. Include Fish Oil in your diet. Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce cravings!

B. Always have pre-cooked food stored in Tupperware in your refrigerator for easy access (i.e. green beans, asparagus, chicken breast strips…)

**If possible, do not keep junk in your kitchen cabinets. If not possible, place on the highest shelf!

Here is a Short List of Craving Fixes

• Craving something sweet: Drink a cup of coffee or tea with cinnamon.

• Craving salt – Have a half a green apple with a couple squirts of lime. (Note: craving salt could be the result of other medical underlying condition  i.e. thyroid function)

• Evening cravings – Dress warm at home after work – This reduces your appetite.

• After Dinner urge for something sweet – Take a walk for 15 minutes outside and/or drink a glass of water with some lemon.

• Chew on a little crushed ice (be aware that chewing too much ice is not good for your teeth)

• Have a support group – An understanding friend you can call before you give in.

•Play some of your favorite music, light some candles and burn some incense to help keep your mind off food.

Thanks for reading this article.  I encourage you to comment below and share with readers the foods, spices, and tricks that get rid of your cravings.

Cindy Martinez
NPC Figure Competitor
ON Reps and Sets Athlete

The author is a compensated ON Sets and Reps Athlete, however, the views, opinions, and comments expressed here are those exclusively of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Optimum Nutrition.
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Matt Mclean
Jun 12, 2007
To help get me through the night I like to have a serving of raw oats and a delicious ON 100% Casein shake mixed in milk.