Arginine Gains Muscle Over Fat

The conditionally essential amino acid arginine is most often used by strength athletes to promote production of nitric oxide (N.O.) which dilates blood vessels to increase the flow of blood to muscles. That's the mechanism behind the 'pump' as it's known in bodybuilding circles. Now a study published in the Journal of Nutrition points to arginine's muscle building potential.

Lab rats who lived their first 15 weeks consuming a high-fat diet started receiving arginine as a supplement in their drinking water. This reduced overall weight by 30% while building up muscles by 11% to 13% over the control group.

The Bigger Picture: An arginine supplement by itself is probably not going to produce such dramatic results in your diet program. But used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, arginine supplementation 30 minutes prior to training can help you appreciate bigger muscle pumps and lean mass gains over time. Think of it as another piece of the puzzle.
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