Whey Protein Hydrolysate Recovery

Timing is everything, as the saying goes. You can relate when it comes to choosing a protein. With so many types, it's hard to know which to use and when. Australian researchers might be able to help with your post-workout selection. They found that protein hydrolysates, which had been broken down or 'predigested' for rapid absorption, are particularly effective for promoting muscle repair from the effects of hard training. Whey protein hydrolysates worked best for muscle recovery when consumed post-workout.

The Bigger Picture: While a protein supplement made exclusively with whey hydrolysates would taste bitter due to the nature of predigested protein, a blend of whey hydrolysates and other proteins could offer similar muscle recovery results along with whatever benefits the other type(s) brought along. Gold Standard 100% Whey and NitroCore 24 are good examples of how either all whey or a broad range of different proteins combine synergistically to provide very desirable nutritional advantages.
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Brian Fickers
Jan 31, 2009
My son plays football and is having trouble putting on weight !! We just bought some of your Some of your Gold Standard Casein with the slow release... What else would you think he would need? He works out twice a day and is at about 2500 calories and about 140 in protein !! He needs to get to 160 pounds by SUMMER
Myk@l M@yh3m
Feb 03, 2009
Ive used many types of Protein supplements & By far Gold Standard 100% whey is my personal favorite..I will continue to use your products & spreading the word to friends.. Thanks

Micheal of Kitchener Ontario,Canada
Team ON
Feb 03, 2009

Casein is a great nighttime protein, but may be too filling for your son to drink during the day -- especially, if his goal is to gain weight.

Adding a lean gainer shake like Pro Complex GAINER 1-2 times a day (1st thing in the morning and right after training or practice), followed-up by a casein protein shake before bed should help with your son's predicament.
Feb 05, 2009
I have just finished my first box of 100% gold whey. Was just wondering how much time should I project to start seeing any significant results in mass gain. Am about 176 lbs. Taking protein accordingly through a mix of 100% + natural food.
Feb 08, 2009
SR, It's important to keep in mind that protein and natural foods are just part of the equation. Foods provide the fuel to power your activities and the building materials required for recovery & rebuilding. However, you need to make sure that you're putting your time in at the gym and getting at least 7 hours of good quality sleep each and every night too to really see the results that you're looking for. Assuming that you're eating right, training hard & frequently enough, and getting enough rest, you should start to see results in as little as 2-3 months.
big dee
Jun 02, 2009
i started working out about a month ago and i have been taking ur whey protien and i also purchased the bcaa 1000 pills cgt10 and glycomaize i want to no how to correctly stack all of these supps.
Jul 02, 2009
i want to lose about 12 lbs. bought the gold standard protein powder to mix with skim milk as a meal replacement and with water as a snack... plan on 2 shakes per day. i do cardio for 1 hr 4 days a week and strength/interval training for 1 hour 3-4 days per week... I keep seeing the whey being used to add bulk, am I doing this backwards?