A Mind Over Matter Challenge

You tell yourself you're not interested in a butter-slathered cinnamon roll. But your brain isn't listening. Next thing you know it's in your hands, and down the hatch. Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests this scenario is more typical for women than men. Why will power is harder to manage for women remains a mystery. But positron emission brain scans revealed that, even though female subjects reported not being hungry in response to tempting food smells, their brains were very active in regions controlling appetite.

The Bigger Picture: While being able to control hunger may be harder for women, selecting healthy foods can help you short-circuit this diet dooming handicap. Rather than going for the cinnamon bun choose whole grain toast. Another study reported an inverse association between whole grain consumption and body mass index. The risk of being overweight was 4% to 10% lower for each additional gram of whole grains consumed. The fact that this association was stronger in men than women shouldn't deter you.
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