Resisting Back Of Fridge Finds

That forgotten brick of sharp cheddar with just a tiny spot of green on top? How about that expired yogurt? It's your favorite flavor. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that 38% of us will take a chance on eating expired food products, but only if they're already in our possession. This gets back to the old '5 second' rule, which tells us that food landing on the floor is okay to consume as long as it's retrieved very quickly.

The Bigger Picture: You wouldn't ignore expired safety labeling on the grocery store shelf. No way you'd buy a quart of milk that had outlived its 'Best Before' date. But because of the so-called endowment effect, we tend to place a higher value on things we already own. Don't be fooled. Although food doesn't suddenly become inedible on the day after the 'Best Before' date, bacteria starts getting into the act at about that time. Testing its ability to make you sick is a gamble you're bound to lose sooner or later.
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