Inexpensive & Portable Cardio

Don't have access to a treadmill or stationary bike at the hotel you're staying at? No problem. You can keep up with your training and shed some unwanted pounds by jumping rope. If you haven't used one since grade school, that's okay. Here are some pointers from the NSCA's Performance Training Journal to get you back in the swing of things.

Proper Rope Length
Stand with one foot in the center of the rope.
Both grips should reach your arm pits.
Use A Shock Absorbing Surface
Indoor basketball courts, gym mats and
carpets are good examples.
Progress Gradually in Volume & Intensity
Start with 1-minute rounds and 30 seconds
rest. Work your way up to between 6 & 12 sets.
Starting Style
Begin with simple double leg jumps before trying
advanced criss-cross & backwards jumping patterns.

The Bigger Picture: Jumping rope is a plyometric form of conditioning that professional fighters have used for decades to keep themselves in shape. Performed with intensity, there's nothing grade school about it…except for the fun you can have challenging yourself with new moves at greater speeds.
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Feb 06, 2009
I do it everyday! Best kept secret...