Fishing For Fatty Acids

You try to keep your consumption of fat in check, but there's one kind your body needs to survive. They're the essential fatty acids known as Omega 3, 6 and 9. The Omega 3s from cold water fish and flaxseeds appear to present a number of very desirable added benefits. A recent study undertaken at Columbia University Medical Center found that regular consumption of long-chain EPA and DHA Omega-3s from salmon and other fish may play a role in lowering bloodstream triglyceride levels and helping to keep 'bad' LDL cholesterol from entering arteries.

The funny thing is, Omega-3s worked their magic to keep arteries clear regardless of the other types of nutrients lab mice were fed. The scientists who authored this research fed one group a balanced diet. Another dined in the typical 'Western' meat and potatoes style, and the last group went high fat. In all 3 cases, Omega-3s dramatically decreased lipoprotein lipase, a molecule that traps LDL in artery walls.

The Bigger Picture: It seems like the more you read about Omega-3 fatty acids, the more there is to like about them. The bottom line is, since your body requires a certain amount of fat each day to fuel various functions, it might as well be a healthy type like Omega-3s. And if you aren't crazy about seafood, EPA and DHA can be consumed through supplements that don't leave you with any fishy aftertaste.
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