Try This ON Size & Strength Stack

Here's a novel way to change up your training supplementation. About a half hour before hitting the gym, mix yourself up a thick, creamy Natural 100% Oats & Whey. The fast-acting whey protein will prime your muscles for growth while the slow-burning whole oat carbs provide sustained energy.

After you're finished training, enjoy a Blue Raspberry or Fruit Punch shot of our Vassive-C5 creatine power system. With 4 novel creatine compounds plus beta-alanine, you may find yourself experiencing positive effects after just a few uses. Then, before hitting the hay, hit your daily protein target with 24 grams of slowly digesting micellar casein. Gold Standard 100% Casein is available in regular and natural formulations.

The Bigger Picture: Proteins, carbs and creatine are all time-tested supplements for strength athletes. The protein supports muscle recovery and rebuilding while the carbs replenish spent muscle glycogen stores. Creatine also supports muscle size and strength gains and, applied as a stack, the synergistic effect may outweigh the benefits of each separate component. Try it and see if they work like that on your goals.
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