What's A Beat Do For Your Feet?

If you're one of those people who can't work out without the right playlist, you're probably getting more out of cardio day than your tuneless contemporaries. A study published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology showed that motivational music can make people exercise longer and harder. Researchers had volunteers aged 19 to 21 listen to music with what was determined to be a motivational or neutral beat while another group went without any soundtrack. Then they walked on a treadmill at 75% maximal heart rate until exhausted. Endurance was increased with either style of music and in-task effect was also enhanced.

The Bigger Picture: The fact that motivational music had the greatest ergogenic effect should come as no surprise. When you're really enjoying what you're doing, you're much more likely to do it longer. That's why the pop rock group worked harder and to greater effect than other study participants. Want to know what gets serious athletes going in the gym? Visit the Dorm Room section of RippedAcademy.com to see what ON athletes listen to!
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