Easier To Scoop 100% Casein

If you're a fan of the sustained-release amino acid delivery and anti-catabolic support provided by ON's all-micellar Gold Standard 100% Casein, you're sure to appreciate the new E-Z Scoop Opening on all 4-pound flavors: Chocolate Supreme, Banana Cream, Cookies & Cream and Creamy Vanilla. Being able to get to the bottom of things when you're down to the last few servings is a big advantage, especially for athletes with big-time goals.

The Bigger Picture: Micellar casein is highly anti-catabolic, making it ideal for before bedtime protein supplementation. The majority of muscle recovery takes place at night, while you're asleep. Slowly-digesting casein releases a steady stream of amino acids to support tissue rebuilding processes longer into the night. You can rest that much easier knowing how easy it'll be getting those last few scoops of the sports nutrition industry's best selling casein.
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johnny angibony
Mar 06, 2009
with giant forearms like mine the larger opening keeps me from getting stuck reaching my hand in.