Don't Train With Brain Drain

It's not that you're physically tired for tonight's workout. You had a taxing day at the office and your head's still reeling from all those decisions and numbers. Maybe training can clear all that out. Maybe, but you aren't likely to log the toughest workout ever. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that mental fatigue adversely affects physical endurance.

Researchers had 16 subjects ride a stationary bike to exhaustion after either watching an uneventful documentary film or undertaking 90 minutes of challenging mental tasks involving focus, memorization and quick responses. The group that was mentally fatigued quit their workout 15% earlier than those with clear heads.

The Bigger Picture: Since there was no change in heart or muscle performance, scientists theorized that your perceived rate of exhaustion is shortened when mentally fatigued. If you're training at a high intensity, it's best to be mentally rested before starting your workout. On the other hand, if you hit the gym after work for a moderate intensity session, it can actually reduce your stress and recharge brain function.
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mukesh v gupta
Feb 27, 2009
in such situation neither u should go for workout or cardio. best thing is go for abs.
ry m
Mar 01, 2009
instead of only working abs try an mp3 player, or better yet a workout partner to keep you pushing through the entire workout.
ry m
Mar 01, 2009
it's been shown that both motivational music or a workout buddy may make you workout harder and longer.