Two New Optimum Sites

Ever wondered what all goes into making a high-potency gender-specific multivitamin formula like Opti-Men? Find out exactly what distinguishes the 75+ active ingredients in this popular 3 tablet a day formula. All you have to do is log onto to explore every aspect of the 5 Performance Blends that comprise Opti-Men. For example, you'll learn that Cauliflower Powder was included in the Phyto Blend for fiber, folic acid and a sulfur compound known as allicin. Check it out and see for yourself. There are over 75 different ingredients to explore after clicking the floating Opti-Men tablet at the introduction. This micro-site experience could open up a whole new world of micronutrients for you.

While you're surfing the web for the latest supplement information, take an entertaining, historical look at whey protein. You might think it's the new kid on the block for bodybuilding and strength training, but whey's as old school as it gets, having been around for over 2500 years. also provides a scientific explanation of how whey works for muscle building, and offers pro athlete testimonials for inspiration. Got a story of your own to tell about Gold Standard 100% Whey? Grab a camera and shoot the results off to ON. The best video as selected by our team of judges wins 100 pounds of the sports nutrition industry's best-selling protein. That's a year's worth of whey shakes for some people! Get details and lots of great information by following this link to
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