Making Good Grains Great

The bread isle of your local supermarket presents so many options, selecting the healthiest choice is like trying to find that needle in a hay stack. Sharpen your perspective on what to look for with this good, better, best whole grain bread primer.

Whole wheat breads are good because the entire kernel was used to make them. Whole grains contain B vitamins, fiber, iron and other nutrients missing or negated with refined grains. To make whole wheat even better, add different grains to the loaf. 7-grain, 12-grain and other multigrain breads are made from different types of whole grains (ie: oats, barley, flaxseeds) and offer a broader nutrient profile than whole wheat alone.

The Bigger Picture: The most important thing to remember is on the nutrition facts label. Make sure that 'refined grains' do not appear anywhere on the ingredient list. If it's the 1st or 2nd ingredient listed, the whole grains in your bread might make up as little as 2% of the total. If you opt for a multigrain bread, choose one marked 100% Whole Grains. That's as good as it gets.
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