Seeing Is Believing

Ever get really hungry after working out? Burning all those calories in the gym has a way of making you want to replace them. And, as recent research published in the journal Obesity suggests, the same thing can happen when you're just thinking about being active.

Scientists had a number of posters produced that told readers to do something good for their bodies like 'Join A Gym' or 'Take A Walk.' They also produced similar looking posters promoting neutral outcomes. After people were exposed to the active ads, they ate 1/3 more than those who viewed neutral posters. When the same trick was played on computer users, those subjected to active prompts consumed 20% more.

The Bigger Picture: Scientists believe that words promoting physical activity and exercise have a subliminal effect that can lead to negative consequences. It's as if by simply reading about exercise you feel like you've already made the effort. The larger message here is to watch your food intake all the time.
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