Mediterranean Diet's Mass Appeal

Studies have shown that exercise can help maintain bone density as we age, but diet is another key component and also one that we have control over. Calcium and phosphorus compose around 80% to 90% of the mineral content in bone, with protein, vitamins and minerals also playing significant roles. After analyzing the diets of 220 Greek women, researchers from Harokopio University in Athens determined that a red-meat deficient diet rich in plant foods, olive oil and fish was positively associated with bone mass preservation.

The Bigger Picture: It's not like you have to eat fish cooked in olive oil every night for dinner. The diets analyzed for this study were long-term patterns established early on in life. Everyone has the power to change the way they eat and make adjustments that allow for the occasional steak or pizza. That gives you something to look forward to and makes small sacrifices all the more worth your effort.
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