Sampling The Arnold...

One Package At A Time

At 8:45AM Friday, March 6th, you could easily walk the aisles of the Arnold Expo at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. If you happened to have an official exhibitor's badge, that is. Just beyond the entry doors, snaking down hallways, filling every square inch of the lobby and stretching far down the block outside, thousands of eager fans were waiting. Right before 9AM, exhibit booth crews were stressing the last few minutes of preparations and cameramen were getting ready to broadcast the arm wrestling tournament on a giant screen hanging above the Expo's main stage. A few well-known professional bodybuilders could be seen making their way to one booth or another. The rest is a blur.

The first couple of fans ran up, alerting the ON Team that the doors had been opened. Next thing you know, sample packets of Natural 100% Oats & Whey and NitroCore 24 were quickly disappearing, one by one. Empty boxes soon began piling up as new ones were torn open and depleted, packet after packet passed on into a crowd so dense, fans were challenged to even move. They managed though, gargantuan plastic bags stuffed full of samples in tow. Reverberating off the tall concrete walls were the sounds of the arm wrestling contest's MC, high-energy music pumped from booth loudspeakers, and U.S. Marines verbally motivating 'recruits' selected from the crowd to perform chin-ups and pull-ups. Ooh-rah!

Of course, it wasn't all background noise. There was plenty of one-on-one interaction between fans of Optimum Lifestyle cover model Jason Powell, back-to-back NPC Overall Champ 'Big' Sean Allan, American Gladiator Jennifer 'Phoenix' Widerstrom, Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen as well as IFBB Pro Jessica Paxson-Putnam. All were kept busy signing autographs and posing for pictures.

Then there were the questions from consumers wanting to know more about ON products. ON's reputation as an industry innovator piqued their curiosity about a super-convenient way to take in every athlete's foundational nutrients and the advantages of a 10-protein blend. Promotional literature is helpful and handy but, more times than not, it's a straightforward answer to a very specific question that convinces an athlete this or that supplement's right for their dialed in diet. Needless to say, ON delivered in every respect.

That's how it went all day, both Friday and Saturday. Sunday's sampling session began at 10:30AM, and by early afternoon there was nothing left to hand out. No samples. No custom Natural 100% Oats & Whey and NitroCore 24 shaker cups. No T-shirts. No hats. It was time to pack up and start planning for next year's even bigger and better Arnold Expo. If you missed out, you can still sample Natural 100% Oats & Whey and NitroCore 24 by clicking these links. See you at next year's Arnold Expo!
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Mar 19, 2009
oats and whey is amazing theres no way you sill try it and not use it for the rest of your life