Consuming Sugar Accelerates Aging

Sugar, and spice and everything nice. One part of that saying hasn't stood the test of time. While the appeal of its taste is unmistakable, your body pays a hefty price for over-consuming sugar. Unwanted body fat is only the tip of the iceberg. A study from the University of Montreal published in the journal PLoS Genetics looked at the relationship between caloric intake and aging.

Since yeast cells are very similar to human cells, scientists used them as a model to analyze glucose response. Restricting glucose increased the lifespan of these yeast cells. Further investigation revealed that the same longevity resulted when a yeast cell was modified so that it couldn't measure glucose levels.

The Bigger Picture: Before this study, scientists believed that the byproducts of sugar metabolism played a key role in aging. This research put the focus on a signaling mechanism triggered somewhere between taste and digestion. As complex as the functions of your body are, restricting sugar intake is a simple way to keep off unwanted pounds and possibly increase your lifespan.
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