Fumbling Fast Food Facts

It's estimated that consumers will spend approximately half of their food budget at restaurants this year, much of it on cheap and convenient fast food. With such a huge quantity of what's considered to be less than healthy fare about to be devoured, Yale University researchers wanted to know how many restaurant patrons exhibit interest in determining the nutritional value of meal selections. So they observed over 4,000 people as they entered and ordered fast food meals. Only 6 people in 4,000 attempted to assess food facts. That's .01% of the subject group in this observational study.

The Bigger Picture: While many fast food establishments don't have nutrition facts readily available, laws recently enacted in New York City and other metropolitan areas have brought menu labeling to the forefront. Now calorie comparisons between meal options must be clearly posted for everyone to see. That's a start in the right direction. The next step is educating those who might otherwise ignore these details to pay closer attention. Make an effort to be part of the solution when you make a detour to the drive through lane for a quick and easy cheat meal.
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T. Ferree
Mar 26, 2009
I'm all in favor of making nutritinal information available. I'm also more than a little concerned about the idea of Big Brother forcibly "educating" me about my nutritional options in the lobby of a restaurant. Unless you're walking into a place that just serves water, lettuce and (organic, free-range) poached chicken breasts, SOMEONE will object to the nutritional choices you can make. No one who orders a pizza or a fast-food burger is under the impression they are eating the healthiest food, but it's their right to order what they want. Or is it, really? Once the do-gooders outlaw "bad" foods, how long do you really think it'll be before they set their sights on those who eat "excess" protein? THINK! Don't be a sheeple!