Stacking For Protein Synthesis

The nutrients you consume before hitting the gym are every bit as important as the ones you intake afterwards. Consider the findings of a Dutch study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Taking carbohydrates and protein hydrolysates before training promoted protein synthesis during and immediately after exercise. However, this supplement had no further effect overnight. Which is too bad since the vast majority of muscle rebuilding takes place while you're asleep. That's where a slowly digesting protein like Casein can be valuable.

The Bigger Picture: ON's 2:1:1 Recovery contains a matrix of stacked carbohydrates (glucose polymers, waxy maize starch, sucrose and fructose) for topping off and replenishing the glycogen your muscles use to run or lift weights. Hydrolyzed whey protein isolates are part of its protein blend, making 2:1:1 an ideal choice for testing this research on your training routine. The all Micellar Casein formula in Gold Standard 100% Casein can help push protein synthesis into the wee hours as your muscles continue to grow bigger and stronger.
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Apr 06, 2009