Breakfast Cereal Shredded Weight

For those who are always searching for new weight loss techniques, a study sponsored by Cereal Partners UK suggests using ready-to-eat breakfast cereal as a meal substitute. Subjects who were given a choice of three different brands, each standardized to a 45 gram serving with 125 mL of skimmed milk, lost more weight than those who stuck with only one type of cereal. Both groups managed to keep the weight off for the entire 6 week study. Researchers believe that portion control and dietary fiber were the driving forces behind this success.

The Bigger Picture: Nutrient dense foods that are relatively low in calories present an inexpensive and effective meal option for dieters. However, all breakfast cereals are not created equal. Many contain high amounts of sugar and sodium. So, if you're going to put this theory into practice, be sure to check the nutrition facts panels. You might also consider spooning some chocolate whey powder into the mix to increase protein content and enhance cereal flavor.
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