Straightening Out Back Pain

Exercise has been shown to help, provided you know what you're doing. Another approach to beating lower back pain can be found in posture improvement. That's what a study published in the British Medical Journal suggests. The trial analyzed the efforts of 579 volunteers over the course of a year. After getting hands-on instruction in the Alexander Technique, a body balance and posture method used by actors and athletes, subjects reported 85% fewer days of back pain than the control group.

The Bigger Picture: Proper posture has been considered important since the days of finishing schools. How many times did your parents tell you to sit or stand up straight? What's important to remember here is that the study subjects who focused on posture also engaged in regular exercising as part of their treatment. It just goes to show that staying active is essential to leading a balanced life.
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Mar 30, 2012
Depending on where the pinched nerve is ayilng flat on your back with your knees bent and relaxing completely helps. Taking Ibuprofen will help with any swelling that might be around that nerve and causing pain. You can try applying heat or ice to the area which ever makes it feel better. I have had chronic pain in my back caused by degenerative disc disease and these are a few things that help when I have a flare up. You really need to get in to see your Dr for a correct diagnosis.